Friday, April 1, 2011

Am I alone in thinking that the recent and ongoing tussle to win Queensland’s Premiership amongst senior political party members is utterly juvenile?

As Can-Do Campbell smarmily worms his way into the state’s affections, indifferent to any of the LNPs State policy or procedure, Anna Bligh watches her early 2011 surge in popularity recede more swiftly than the floodwaters. It seems that these political acrobatics are no more substantial than a choreographed diversion from any constructive discussion of pressing issues, such as how can we ensure BrisVegas becomes a city more resilient to flooding, or considering the economic and environmental downsides to our dependence on export to China, or even wondering where we will grow fresh food to feed ourselves.

It may be our short (and shortening) attention spans that have allowed such unproductive political in-quarrelling. Polls show that today, the average punter prefers Can-Do Campbell over Anna Bligh as Premier, yet a few short weeks ago, Anna was our saving grace in a time of crisis, and before Christmas she was one of the most vilified figures in our state’s history.

One of the conditions of living in BrizVegas is allowing oneself to grow fat and rich on a steady diet of rampant construction and capitalist enterprise. Our elected representatives provide us with glossy advertisements about road upgrades and boozy charitable events, new cycle paths and international music festivals, all of which are excellently satisfying our urge for materialistic accruement and vapid social networking. Much of the noise of modern life, however, can only ever act as short-lived attempts to correct our pangs of spiritual void. If what we seek is truthful guidance and consideration of our long-term future from Queensland’s elected leadership, it’s no wonder nobody is able to hold our concentration for any length of time.

Although, government just about rubbish and rates, right ?


  1. Just a small correction ,if I may. The slogan that any municipal council member, anywhere, knows by heart is : "LOCAL government is all about rubbish and rates". Whether or not that also applies to State pollies, or even the Feds, I don't know. My own opinion is that the hip pocket nerve is a very sensitive one, and that the punters have been known to vote with it , so to speak :)

  2. Great work claudnine, bout time you posted some boobs! :)

  3. Good point ash2000. I'm working on it.

  4. no, i mean you did! CN is one of the biggest boobs i don't know! :)